vibrating exciter

Maintaining a Vibrating Exciter of a Vibrating Screen

Basically, there are three phases of a motor in a vibrating screen, namely asynchronous motor, enclosed self-cooling type and the horizontal installation. When a vibration motor works continuously, the usual ambient temperature does not exceed 40 ͦ C. Whenever it exceeds 40 ͦ C, a special protective device needs to be adopted.

The foundation of the fixing of vibrating motor on the vibrator screen needs to be firm. Each bolts must be added elastic washer. At the primary stage of the vibration motor working, it will become loose. Therefore, we need to check the bolts every day. Besides that, the vibrating motor may be damp due to the transporting or idling of material for a time period. Always check the winding insulation, if it’s damp, adopt the necessary measures.

The vibration motor should be refueled after using three months, and maintained every 6 months or one year. When doing minor repairs, always clear the dust of the inner vibrating machine and check the coil for insulation resistance. When doing major repairs, blow the inner and outer motor with compressed air. Check the bearings and replenish new lubricating grease.

vibrating exciter

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