Maintenance of Vibration Motors of the Linear Vibrating Screen


The Linear Vibrating Screen requires limited preventive maintenance. However, there are a few steps to follow to ensure years of trouble free service.

  1. In general, you need to complete a common sense inspection of the structure, vibration motors, etc. on a daily basis. Daily inspection on the screens for wear or holes is needed. If damages occur, repair or replace as necessary.
  2. The vibrator motors must be greased with lubricating oil. Over greasing causes overheating of the bearings and this must be avoided.
  3. Besides, use only prescribed grease in vibrator motor. If different grease is used, vibrator can be damaged and warranty will be voided. Use only prescribed amount of grease to lubricate vibrator. Too much grease will cause the bearings to overheat and result in premature bearing failure.

In a  word, maintenance the vibrating motors of the linear vibrating sifter timely really can longer the service life of it an save money for you.

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