Maintenance Tips For a Linear Vibrating Screen

Maintenance of a linear vibrating screen is the key to continual performance of the vibrating equipment, plus a better service life. Below, we have compiled a few great tips you can take note of the next time you maintain your linear vibrating screen!

Basically, the maintenance work includes three parts which are the before operating, when operating and after operating of the linear vibrating screener.

Maintenance work before operating vibrating screen: Inspect the electrical protection device, it should match with the vibrating screen. Check the anchor bolts to tighten any loosening of the bolts. Do examine the screen mesh in case there are any damages.

Maintenance work when operating vibrating screen: Check the rotation of the driving motor. Look out for any abnormal sound or conditions of the vibration. Always ensure the current of the power is stable.

Maintenance work after operating vibrating screen: Lubricate the components of the linear vibrator screen periodically, usually every two weeks is recommended. When the total operation hours of 1500 is reached, check the bearing for any sign of wear and tear.



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