Materials Accumulate in Vibrating Screen, Why?

Often, we received feedbacks on users asking why materials accumulate in vibrating screen. Hence, today we would like to share some knowledge regarding this matter, according to years of experience.

  1. The selection of vibrating screen mesh size

Too small mesh size will definitely reduce the rate of material passing through the mesh.

  1. The ground level of the vibrating screen is not horizontal

This results in materials tilting to one side which will cause materials to accumulate on one side of the vibration screen.

  1. Improper angle of the vibration motor

Improper angle adjustment of the vibration motor will cause the accumulation of material. For instance, if the angle is small, the materials will spread outward quickly on the sieve surface. While if the angle is large, the spreading of materials will be slow. Whenever strict requirements on screening accuracy is needed, the angle cannot be too small so as to not affect the screening efficiency. Usually, the angle of the vibration motor in a vibrating screener is around 45 ͦ . However, there are some cases of vibration motor angle being adjusted to 100 ͦ , to tailor the needs of the materials.


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