The Operation And Maintaining Of Gyratory Screen

The operation of Gyratory Vibrating Screen

  • You should inspect all of parts if are normal, fasteners are become flexible or not ,especially inspect vibrating motor.
  • During operating, the vibrating screen should be stopped immediately when you discover any abnormal voice.You cannot operate the Gyratory Vibration Sieve before eliminating malfunction .
  • Vibrating motor accumulates in 100 hours, other bolts should be fastened one time during initial time .
  • after working ,make sure that the machine material is empty ,then power off the machine ,avoiding blocking screen mesh.

The maintenance of Gyratory Vibratory Sifter

1.You should inspect termly screen and clean the screen ,inspect the extend of screen if the vibrating screen has broken phenomenon.

2.Approximate running 200 hours ,the vibrating motor should be lubricated,you can add lubrication by grease gun into bearing.

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