linear vibrating screen

Planning to Buy a Vibrating Screen? Here’s What You Need to Know

Vibrating screen is available in a wide range of models and types, sizes and shapes, functions and features. Finding a suitable vibrating screen ain’t easy as there are so many attractive models which have almost the same functions. Therefore, before choosing any vibrating screen, here are a few things that you should know, so that you could figure out what suits your material the best.

  1. Determine the physical characteristics of the material handling

Physical characteristics includes composition size, moisture content of material, as well as shape of the material. For instance, if the material has a higher moisture content, it could affect the screening efficiency. Though so, if the mesh size of the vibrating screener is slightly larger, it could reduce the effect of water content of material, thereby improving the screening efficiency.

  1. Determine types of screen surface that are suitable for your material

Vibration screen functions to screen materials according to their particle size. The screening process involves vertical motion to increase screening effect. The types of screen surface will affect the production capacity of the vibrating screen. For instance, wider screen surface will bring a higher output rate, while a longer screen surface will lead to a higher working efficiency.

  1. Determine the best suited mesh size for your vibration screener

The screening efficiency of a vibration screener machine is determined by the mesh size of the screener. Different size of the mesh size will lead to different screening efficiency and production rate.

linear vibrating screen

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