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Precautions on Linear Vibrating Screen Mesh Installation

Good control in installation process of linear vibrating screen mesh can highly improve the screen mesh durability and operating function. So we’d better understand some precautions before installation.

  1. Make sure that the screen mesh is tightening
  2. While installing the cleaning mesh device with the bouncing balls, size of screen mesh must be considered.
  3. If quantity of screening material is large, supporting net should be installed under the screen mesh.
  4. After the mesh frame assemble with the linear vibrating screen box, remember to slip the extra part of the screening mesh into the discharge port in order to avoid material mixing.
  5. During the installation of the platen, pay attention of the flatness of the platen. Then, use the foam sealing tape to seal it to prevent material mixing and improve service time of the screen mesh.

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Screen mesh

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