The Principle Of Trommel Screen And The Performance Feature

The working principle of Trommel vibrating Screen :

Along with shaft movement ,utilizing angle to make material sieve in the trommel and forward movement ,materials are taken to a certain height,then fall down .it’s useful to improve sieving efficiency ,on the top half area of screen the retention particle fall down ,preventing blocking effectively .

The performance feature of Trommel Sifter

  • large sieve area ,touching material alternately,long service life of screen
  • Low speeding ,steady movement ,high reliability ,low maintain ratio ,long life ,not blocking ,suitable to sieve wet material.
  • Low noise ,whole sealing without dust pollution
  • Viably setting clean screen device ,before stopping the machine ,forcing to discharge block object .
  • In order to improve performance ,we have already searched high frequency ,low strength exciter ,preventing blocking and increasing sieving speeding of screen ,improving production yield .

The range of application about Trommel Screener

It is suit able to sieve some wet and easy to blocking material s ,such as coal ,coke ,lime,etc.

Trommel Screen

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