gyratory screen

The Reason of Bearing Heating of Gyratory Screen

  1. If it is a new gyratory screen,it must be atechnology problem,if the old screen,stiffness,foundation etc.
  2. Lubricating system question.
  3. Bearing clearance is to choose the appropriate.
  4. Bearing factory is a qualified manufactureror not.
  5. The machining accuracy.For domestic machining accuracy is generally not enough,so most big clearance bearing,using three groups in this bearing is increased at the expense of noise.
  6.  Bearingswith reasonable choice also affect the bearing of fever and life.
  7. Gyratory vibrating screen structure design is not reasonable.
  8. Gyratory sieve the center of gravity of the error is too big.
  9. Lubrication is not reasonable,refuelingistoo much or too little.
  10. Bearing installed correctly or not,tolerance matching and reasonable or not,which is the key to the fever.

gyratory screen

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