bouncing balls

What is The Role of Bouncing Balls in Vibrating Screen?

During the operation of a vibrating screen, have you ever noticed the bouncing balls in the screening mesh? Do you know what’s the function for it?

Bouncing balls are an essential part of a vibrating screener. It works by beating the sieve mesh up and down to prevent adhesive material blocking the sieve mesh. This improves the screening efficiency and accuracy of the material.

Generally, the bouncing balls are divided into different diameters: φ10, φ15, φ20, φ25, φ28, φ30, φ40, φ50, φ60 and so on. The commonly used ones are φ25 and φ28, φ40, φ50 and φ60 especially for mining purposes. There are several types of materials for bouncing balls: rubber ball, silicone ball, PTFE ball and etc. Different materials of bouncing balls will have different applications in the vibrator screen.

Natural rubber bouncing ball: Suitable for general material screening processes

Silicone bouncing ball: Good elasticity, used for food, medicine and other screening materials

PTFE bouncing ball: It can be soaked in the oil, mainly used for oily liquid screening materials

bouncing balls

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