food circle vibrating screen

Rust Protection of Food Circle Vibrating Screen Mesh

food circle vibrating screen

Food circle vibrating screen mesh rusting reasons:

In the specific environment protective oxide film on the surface of the stainless steel is oxidation,corrosion and rust:stainless steel surface with a layer of passivation film,the passivation film in nature in a very stable oxide form,strong corrosion resistance.When food round vibrating screen surface passivation will be shown after the poor local stimulation pitting reaction,continue to use the vibrating screen mesh of the passivation film will happen off screen.

How to prevent food circle vibrating screen mesh rust?

1.Grain circular vibrating screen mesh screen cleaning and maintenance:can’t scratch when cleaning sieve surface,but also avoid bleaching ingredients and the use of abrasives,it’s must rinse after washing sieve surface.

2.If to remove dirt,grease food circle vibrating screen mesh for a long time don’t have to have a layer of dust or other dirt,we can use warm water and soap or mild detergent to clean,tags also it can be washed away.If stainless steel vibrating screen mesh surface with oil pollution and so on need to scrub with a soft cloth and then clean with detergent.If the above attachment have bleach and various acids to rinse immediately with water and then clean with neutral detergent.If the dirt on the surface of the stainless steel vibrating screen mesh or other things have caused rust,need use special detergent cleaning,if not you can also use 10% nitric acid or abrasive detergent to clean.

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