Gyratory Screen

Six Tips to Teach You Improve The Sieve Screening Efficiency

   PK machinery on how to improve the efficiency of vibrating screen screening material this problem deeply summarizes some simple and effective method of customer use for reference.

Gyratory Screen

  1. Improve the opening rate of sieve sieve plate,high hole rate can effectively improve the screening efficiency;
  2. Can make the material evenly into the vibrating screen,usually into the material is not the full screen width give in,so that the screen surface utilization rate is not high,even into the materials, can improve the utilization rate of the sieve surface,thus improve the efficiency of screening,conditional user can choose cloth device in vibration screen into the mouth;
  3. Maximum avoid the probability of screen mesh blocked,such as increasing the amplitude of vibrating screen,equipped with spring bar type screen surface such self cleaning sieve plate,screen plugging rate reduce can effectively improve the screening efficiency;
  4. The decrease of the appropriate angle of vibrating screen,which can reduce the thickness of the material into the screen,realize the thin material screening,screening efficiency;
  5. Such as material permits,which can use wet sieving,namely flush effect of screening,which can effectively improve the screening efficiency;
  6. If it is dry sieve to strictly control the material moisture,such as high moisture,consider ingredients vibration sieve.

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