Slightly different between shaft and shaftless drum screen

Drum screen is one of most use screening machine, and its working principle is slightly different which is using different size mesh to screen material by drum rotation. In the screening industry, the drum sieve to make up for the lack of vibrating screen, achieving a very good effect.

Commonly used drum screen has central shaft, and the majority of screen structure is stainless steel. During operation of drum screen, the vibration motor will drive the central shaft, forcing the drum to rotate and generate relative movement with materials, achieving screening by the material goes through the sieve. In recent years, there is a shaftless drum screen, compared with the central shaft of the drum sieve, its structure is more simple. Actually it has the same screening principle with shaft drum screen. But shaftless trommel sieve is more relatively saving material, and screening space is larger. When it has failures, it is relatively easy maintenance, so it also has great application. For example, for domestic waste pretreatment, it can be required to filter out the trash, and no material winding so screening efficiency is relatively high.

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