Starch Rotary Screen For The Processing of Rice Starch


Rice starch was a kind of starch made of rice, it has some other characteristics which other starch does not have. Compared with other grain starch granules, rice starch particles are very small, and between 2 ~ 8 microns, and uniform granularity. Pasting the rice starch injectivity of fast, quality and structure are very smooth like cream, have the taste of fat, and easy to apply. Can be widely used in cooking, sugar, photographic, cosmetics production, etc industries.

Starch rotary screen with the eccentric hammer installed at the top and bottom of motor shaft,  its rotation movement was transferred into three dimensional movement, that is horizontal, vertical and inclined. Adjustment of phase angle can change the movement of material on the screen. Rice starch Rotary vibrating screen can be used for the processing of rice starch efficiently. It have the following advantages:

1.High precision and efficiency and is applicable to any powder, granule, mucus;
2.With self-cleaning device, without screen blocking.
3.Long service life of the mesh screen.
4.convenient replace the mesh for only 3 to 5 minutes.
5.No mechanical action, simple and easy maintenance.
6.single-deck or multi-layer vibrating screen as your requirement.
7.Material contact parts can be made of stainless steel according to requirement.

Above is the introduction of our starch rotary screen,Any question,welcome to feel free to contact us

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