Steps to Change Screen Mesh Cloth of Rotary Vibrating Screen

If rotary vibrating screen is used for a very long time, the screen mesh will always be broken or irregular mesh phenomenon, it is necessary to replace the screen mesh cloth. Do you know how to change the sieve cloth? Here we will introduce you the steps.

1.Loosen the screws on clamp of rotary vibrating screen, and then take down the upper frame, then you can pick up the damaged screen mash cloth and put the new one;

2.Smoothly put the one screen mesh cloth on the coarse mesh cloth, then press the fine screen cloth on the net rack by tension strip, then tighten the tension strip by cross screwdriver;

3.After fine mesh is installed, please leave 2 centimeters of extra mesh cloth around, then cut off the rest of them.

4.Again put the clamp between two screen frame, and strike the clamp by oft rubber hammer while tight it. Till now the entire screen cloth replacement process is completed.

Note: In addition, when feeding material to the rotary vibrating screen, please do it evenly or will affect the screening efficiency and shorten the service life.

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