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The Application of Garbage Drum Screen In The Field of City Tefuse Treatment

With the increasing number of urban population,urban waste output is becoming more and more big,serious harm to the environment.In terms of our country,the problem of solid waste not only the grim situation,shortage of resources situation is worrying,per capita resource share lower than the world level,utilization rate is low.How to reduce waste,improve the resource utilization of everyone’s attention at the present time,the best processing method is recycled material and energy, the loading level so as to realize the recycling of loading level and harmlessness.This would require the use of drum screen,use the drum screen separation recycling useful substances.

City refuse Treatment

Garbage drum screen is the preassigned and compost treatment of municipal solid waste is widely used in a kind of sorting machine. Trommel screen tube supported by four wheels work, driven by motor,reducer and so on shell side of the two active wheel rotation,rely on the friction effect,active wheel drives the cylinder rotary,but on the other side of the two roller follower role. Drum screen angle will affect retention time of waste materials in the drum sieve drum, the drum screen angle within 2° to 5° select the best,considering the productivity,sometimes also can beyond this range.Ejected material from one end of the cylinder into the cylinder,with the rotation of cylinder,the material along the tube wall slip,15mm in the fine grained material and 60mm below the following materials through the drum sieve plate on the surface of a different mesh to meet respectively in the manger and more than 60mm coarse material from the other end of the cylinder.

drum screen

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