gyratory vibrating screen

The Cause of The Abnormal Work of Fertilizer Gyratory Vibrating Screen

There are many cause of the abnormal work of fertilizer gyratory vibrating screen,generally has the following several ways:

  • Abnormal voice vibrator,surface overheating;
  • Article sieve plate damage, looseness or fracture,produce repeated vibration or mixing;
  • Damping spring fracture frequently;
  • Single or dual motor is parallel or while motor running in parallel but not reverse operation;
  • The work frequency of the screening machinery and a fixed frequency resonate same;
  • The gyratory vibration screen body installation is not correct,rough;
  • Vibrator shaft and drive shaft center distance deviation is too big;
  • Deviating from the screen weight heart excitation force;
  • Vibrator or vibration motor assembly is not correct,two groups of counter weight angle inconsistent;
  • Feeding non-uniformity lead to partial load,material discharge not free;


gyratory vibrating screen

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