cicular vibrating screen

The Characteristics of Metallurgical Circle Vibrating Screen

    Metallurgical circle vibrating screen is a vibrator,sieve box,isolation device,transmission device and other parts with a rectangular mesh is installed on the screen box,box and screen under the action of vibrator,the vibration of the circular,elliptic or linear trajectory.Due to the screen surface material layer on the surface of the whole news net vibration sieve loose and thrown away from the screen surface,made of fine grained materials can fall through material layer and is discharged through the screen mesh and the card in the mesh particle vibration,in addition to the screening effect and make the material move forward,currently used in mines is most metallurgical circle vibration sieve,it has a circular trajectory inertial movement,also known as single shaft metallurgical circle vibrating screen,according to the type of installation is divided into suspension bearing and bearing two kinds and application in the mine are a type of bearing,so here we focus on the impartment of bearing metallurgical circular vibration screen.

cicular vibrating screen


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