Gyratory screen

The Features of Viscous Material Gyratory Screen

  1. Viscous material gyratory screen wide adaptability:gyratory screenis widely used in various types of materials screening,whether it is inferior coal,coal slurry,soot and other materials,which can be smoothly screening.
  2.  Viscousmaterial plane rotary screen high screening efficiency,equipment can be equipped with the comb type screen,in the process of screening,no matter how dirty into the sieve tube material,more complex can sieve,thus improve the screening efficiency of the equipment.
  3.  Viscousmaterial gyratory screens machine component is big,easy to large-scale:under the same size,the area is larger than the area of the other shape,therefore its screening effective is big,the material can be fully contact screen,thus sieve weight per unit time is large.And because of its simple structure,convenient layout,characteristics of new technology and mature,easy to large-scale.

Gyratory screen


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