drum screen

The Product Usage and Performance Characteristics of GTS Drum Screen

drum screen

GTS drum screen product usage:

GTS drum screen is our company for the power plant,coking plant, building materials,metallurgy, chemical,mining and other industries and the development of special screening equipment,it overcomes the various vibrating screen mesh in screening is wet material blocking problem,improve the yield and reliability of the screening system.Suitable for screening of various properties of the materials and coal,coal gangue,coke slaked lime wet easily blocked materials such as, undersize product maximum 100mm, between 10 to 50mm, the smallest up to 3mm below,the product is deep by the broad masses of the user’s consistent high praise.

Performance characteristics of GTS trommel screen

  1. Adopting the principle of rolling transportation,small friction coefficient,wear light,mesh is not easy to jam.
  2. With overall through shaft,roller bearing structure,smooth operation,no vibration,low noise.
  3. Internal drum vibrating screen is accessories design,simple structure,change fast and convenient maintenance.
  4. The cylinder body adopts effective fully sealed structure,no dust,no pollution.
  5. Safe and reliable operation,using reduction drive,high transmission efficiency,equipped with small power,low energy consumption,energy saving effect is obvious.
  6. Can according to customer requirements with different mesh material,mesh size,high screening efficiency,long service life and low maintenance costs.

More information,please view here:http://www.pkvibratingscreen.com/

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