resin powder linear vibrating screen

The Resin Powder Linear Vibrating Screen

The resin powder linear vibrating screen is widely used in pipe,profiles,plastic bags,packaging industry,various industry such as cable sheath,the optimal quantity is also a important step of product link,choose good screening equipment,which can give a resin powder sieve production enterprise to bring the huge benefit space.

resin powder linear vibrating screen

Characteristics of tree powder linear vibration sieve:

  1. Tree powder linear vibrating screen high screening efficiency,refined design,duration,any powders and mucilage are screening.
  2. The tree powder linear vibrating screen to replace the net,the operation is simple,easy to clean.
  3. The tree powder linear vibrating screen mesh is not blocked,powder does not float in the sky, mesh to 500mesh or 0.028mm.
  4. The impurity,coarse material automatic dischargecan continuous operation.The resin powder linear vibrating sieve unique network frame design of the linear vibrating screen,screen mesh long using time,exchange net only 3 to 5 minutes.
  5. Small volume,does not occupy a space makes it move easily.

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