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The Role of Paper Vibrating Screen in Papermaking

First of all,we understand what is the paper vibrating screen and how it works:

Paper Vibrating screen is to use the vibrator excitation generated by the complex type spiral vibration and work. Stator rotating hammer on that plane whirl vibration sieve surface,while the rotating hammer make cone rotary vibrating screen surface,the effect of the combined complex type rotary vibrating screen surface.The track vibration is a complex space curve.In the horizontal projection for a round of the curve and in the vertical plane of projection is an oval.Adjust the upper and lower rotating hammer exciting force,which can change the amplitude.And adjust the space phase angle of upper and lower weight,you can change the course of screen surface movement curve shape and change the direction of movement of screen surface materials.

Paper vibrating screen

Paper rotary Vibrating screen application in papermaking:

  1. Dry lime into the lime slurry pool preliminary separation

Objective:to guarantee into lime slurry pool material granularity;

  1. Papermaking filler (customers to use the materials at present:slurry calcium carbonate and slurry titanium dioxide)

Objective:to improve the accuracy of papermaking filler;

  1. Papermaking white water-medium:calcium carbonate,trace of starch and other compounds

On the original paper white water filtering,improve water quality.

On the papermaking white water circulation processing,remove the paper in the whitewater fiber;

  1. The paper coating

Purpose:to surface treatment of base paper to achieve the required effect;

Use scope:coated paper,thermal paper,bond paper,all kinds of special paper

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