medicine powder rotatory vibrating screen

The Working Principle of Medicine Powder Rotatory Vibrating Screen

Medicine powder rotatory vibrating screen is a kind of special type,the high precision fine screening fine screening equipment,commonly referred to as three dimensional vibrating screen filter, suitable for fine grained,differential classification processing,which can be superimposed multilayer sieve,sieve box and the vibrating screen surface can be used many kinds of materials and structures with high precision is fully enclosed structure,no dust overflow scattered,vibrating screen mesh and long using time,easy to replace the net,the operation is simple,convenient cleaning,small volume,light weight,low noise,fine material automatic discharge and can automatic operation continuously.

medicine powder rotatory vibrating screen

The working principle of medicinal powder eddy-vibrating screen:

Medicinal powder spin vibration sieve using common motor or YZUL vertical vibration motor for power supply.Medicine powder spin vibration sieve vibrator shaft of high-speed rotating at work,at both ends of the eccentric form consistency,compound sieve body under the action of this force spiral vibration,the three-dimensional trajectory for space curve,the curve in the horizontal plane projection for the round,the two vertical projection on the surface of the ellipse.The two eccentric adjustment angle can change the flow of material on the screen,in order to achieve different screening effect.

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