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Things to Check before Starting Up Vibrating Screen

According to the technician in PK Machinery, a vibrating screen is best to be checked thoroughly before starting up to better maintain your vibrating screen. So, here are the things to be checked!

  1. First, when starting up a vibrating screen, please check if there is any items obstructing the movement of the screen box in the working area.
  2. During the operation of vibrating screen, check the bearing temperature to make sure it is not too high.
  3. Inspect the vibrating screen to see if there is any abnormal sound. The operation of the vibrating screen should be smooth without any abnormal oscillation. When it vibrates, check whether the elasticity of the four supporting springs is stable.
  4. Next, examine if there is any loosening of screen mesh. If yes, stop the vibrating screener for maintenance work.
  5. As the speed of the main shaft is very high, so the bearings must be in good lubrication or the lubricating oil must be replaced regularly.
  6. Where the installation of bearings are good and no heating or oil leakage occurs during operation, it is good to add yellow glycerin once a week with cleaning of bearing every 1 to 2 months. Apply the yellow glycerin whenever needed. The amount of oil is advisable to be filled about two thirds of the shell of bearing, in controlled amount, otherwise the bearing will get hot easily during operation.

vibrating screen

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