vibrating screen

Tips on Vibration Table of a Vibrating Screen

Here in PK Machinery, we would like to enlighten you on tips to handle vibration table of a vibrating screen.

  1. It’s very important to ensure a good foundation is made before installing a vibration table. All fixed bolts must be tightened in the vibrating screen.
  2. It is essential to start up vibrating machine for 3-5 minutes before proceeding for a trial run.
  3. Take note that the concrete product should be fixed on the vibration table and keep symmetry with table-board to balance load. Users can engineer their own fastening device based on requirements.
  4. Check the vibration bearings timely and change lubrication oil to prolong service life of vibrating screener.
  5. To ensure safety of vibration table, make sure the grounding wires are reliable.

vibrating screen

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