ultrasonic vibration

Ultrasonic Vibration in Vibrating Screen

Heard of ultrasonic vibration in vibrating screen? Do you know it does wonders to a vibrating screen? Have a read through this article to find out more!

Basically, the ultrasonic vibration is installed on the screening mesh of a vibrating screen. The function of it is to accelerate the sieving of ultrafine powder particles. It also helps to prevent the blocking of material on the vibrating screen mesh. This function not only improves the screening efficiency but also the mesh cleaning effect as well. Here is a list of what ultrasonic vibration can do to a vibrator screen.

  1. It speeds up the agglomerates of materials, increasing the efficiency of screening.
  2. The probability of materials sticking on the screening mesh is 5-20 times lesser.
  3. It can separate particles of very near size diameter.
  4. It does not alter the physical characteristics of screening materials.
  5. It prevents clogging of materials which increases the lifespan of the screening mesh.
  6. It is suitable for sieving powder material of sizes between 20 to 300 microns especially those difficult screening materials.
  7. The best part is it won’t heat up the screening mesh of the vibrating screener. Therefore, it is practically suitable for materials that requires strict temperature control such as drugs.

ultrasonic vibration

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