polyurethane sieve plate

Unique Features of Polyurethane Sieve Plate in a Circular Vibrating Screen

A polyurethane sieve plate just like any other sifter, has evolved in its design and appearance, and consequently in its purpose. Polyurethane sieve plate has been widely used in the metallurgy, coal, chemical, construction industries and etc. The unique features of the sieve plate in fact has become a hit recently. So, here’s another great reason to choose polyurethane sieve plate in a circular vibrating screen!

  1. High carrying capacity and durable

Since the elastic polyurethane sieve plate adopts wire rope as its skeleton material, it embodies high elastic modulus and shock absorption strength. The high tensile strength of the polyurethane material has 2.5 times more carrying capacity as compared to rubber sieve plate of the circular vibrating screener. Besides that, it can withstand high resistance to wear and tear, of which its service life can go up to 8-10 times more as compared to ordinary metal sieve plate.

  1. High screening efficiency

The screen surface of the sieve plate has its own cleaning properties. As the water permeability properties of the polyurethane sieve plate is very low, therefore it can effectively prevent the adhesion of wet, fine grained material from sticking at the sieve plate. This increases the screening efficiency of the circular vibrator screen.

  1. Applicable to customization

The polyurethane sieve plate can be customized in a way to include features of water resistant, corrosion resistant and more. And yes, it is easily maintain.

  1. High precision screening

Polyurethane sieve plate adopts high precision screening with accurate pore sizes. The cast forming technology of the sieve plate ensures quality guaranteed output of the products.

  1. Low operating noise

The polyurethane sieve plate conforms to the standards of the permitted noise level in factory. Based on actual test run, the polyurethane sieve plate can reduce noise up to 5-20 decibels as compared to a metal sieve plate.

polyurethane sieve plate

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