circular vibrating screen,Compound-spring

Vibrating screen spring design considerations

circular vibrating screen,Compound-spring

In a shaker vibrating screen spring design introduces for you below aspects need to pay attention to detail matters.

1.The vibrating screen spring must be according to the filter material,environment,bulk density and electrostatic appropriate design.
2.Pay attention to the bonding between rubber and metal,avoid stress concentration on surface of the adhesive;
3.In order to improve the service life of vibration isolation shear deformation. In general,should be given proper compression in the direction of the vertical shear;
4.Should avoid work under tensile state for a long time,regular maintenance and replacement of damping spring vibration isolation;
5.When the vibrating screen rubber spring will meet resistance,this part of the energy will shift into heat energy.Rubber is a poor conductor of heat,in order to protect the high temperature performance of rubber vibration,it should not be too big.Measures should be choice easy heat dissipation in the structural design, or select fewer calories to produce natural rubber material.Because some parts of the rubber vibration isolator can transform energy into heat energy,thereby reducing the vibration energy.So the rubber spring become an integral part of the vibrating screen.

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