Linear vibrating screen

Vibrating Screen: Two Kinds of Driving Mechanisms

Vibrating screen comes in many models and features, so do its driving mechanisms too! Different driving mechanism suits different application of a vibrating screen. Basically, there are two kinds of driving mechanism of a vibrating screen which are direct and non-direct drive.

1. Direct drive

This type of driving mechanism uses vibration motors to operate the vibrating screener. The benefits of this driving methods are the joining vibration of the belt wheel can be solved and the manufacture production will be smoother.

2. Non-direct drive

– The vibration exciter is driven by electric motor with the help of a vee belt

The structure is simple where it features arbitrary selection of the rotating speed for the vibration exciter. The tensile force generated from the vee belt acting on one end of the transmission shaft causes the screen box of the vibrator screen to produce lateral oscillation. This increases the amplitude of the motor shaft. When starting up or shutting down of the machine, the vibrating screen will pass through a resonance region, in which the amplitude gets larger and larger. This then causes the vee belt to loosen easily, which could slip off and fall sometimes. On the other hand, if the vee belt is too tight, it will lead to higher bending movement of the motor shaft.

– The vibration exciter is driven by electric motor through fluid coupling

The electric motor transfer power to the vibration exciter through fluid coupling. Due to the absorption of the coupling vibration, problems occurring from the vee belt drive will be solved.

Linear vibrating screen

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