Gyratory Screen

Model: PXZS1836
Screening area: 1800mm*3600mm
Frequency: 750rpm
Amplitude: 75-90mm
Capacity: 40~65t/h
Power: 7.5kw

downloadFeatured industries served by the PK gyratory screen: Food,Chemical,Mineral,Mining,Recycling,Plastics,Cement,Pharmaceutical

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Gyratory Screen (also called Rotex screen) is specialized to provide accurate separation with less loss of materials and greater product yields at higher production rate. The unique gyratory motion is similar to that of ROTEX technology which generates a gyratory reciprocating motion. It is popularly used in industries of abrasive, food, salt, sugar, chemical, mining, metallurgy, recycling and so on.


Gyratory screen greatly improves the material distribution with its totally enclosed design excluding dust pollution. The motion starts at the feeding end with horizontal circular movement and gradually diminishes along the length of the screener to an elliptical motion and finally turns to linear motion at the discharging end.

1.Feeding end: horizontal circular movement
The circular movement of the Rotex screen makes materials evenly distributed to the whole screen body from the feeding port.

2.Near gyratory screen center: elliptical motion
The long-distance elliptical motion helps to stratify the material movement and thus realize high processing capacity and efficiency.

3.Discharging end: linear motion
The reciprocating linear movement realizes precise screening, large-size materials would be sieved from the sieve mesh towards to the discharge port.



Easy access to disassembling and cleaning;Long mesh service time (6 – 12 months);

1.Anti-blocking and cleaning facility installed in each layer, help to realize cleaning while sieving;
2.The external structure is designed for easy cleaning;
3.Lower headroom permits operation in confined areas, reducing cost of building and maintenance;
4.Greater product yields at higher production rates;
5.Low energy consumption;
6.High screening efficiency;
7.Low noise pollution.

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