Rotary Vibrating Screen

Model: XZS1500
Screening area: Φ1400
Frequency: 1450rpm
Amplitude: 1~2mm
Capacity: 1.0~2.0t/h
Power: 2.2kw

downloadFeatured industries served by the PK rotary vibrating screen: Food,Chemical,Mineral,Recycling,Ceramics,Plastics,Cement,Liquids&Slurries,Pharmaceutical

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Rotary vibrating screen is a sort of high accuracy and fine powder screening machine, with lower noise, higher efficiency, faster screen-changer, complete close structure, and applied to granule, powder and mucus material. Rotary mobile vibrating screen uses vertical motor as vibration source, with eccentric hammers installed at both sides of motor.


With the eccentric hammer installed at the top and bottom of motor shaft,  its rotation movement was transferred into three dimensional movement, that is horizontal, vertical and inclined. Adjustment of phase angle can change the movement of material on the screen.

1.Inertiaforce driving vibrator for complex spinning movement
After launching the rotating vibrating screen, a compound  inertia produced by different phases of eccentric hammer’s high speed placing function compelling vibrator for complex spinning movement.

2.Screen surface into periodic vibrations
while the frame performances continuous reciprocating movement put the screen surface into periodic vibrations the same as the material on the screen surface.

3.Material screening process
Material smaller than screen mesh falling down to next level called screen underflow; and the bigger ones making continuous jumping movement towards the discharge outlet, eventually completing screening work.



With small size, light weight, convenient movement, arbitrary adjustment of discharge outlet,  automation or manual operation.

1.High precision and efficiency and is applicable to any powder, granule, mucus;
2.No screen blocking;
3.Unique design of wire frame, long service life of the screen, convenient replacement for only 3 to 5 minutes, simple operation, easy to clean;
4.No mechanical action, simple and easy maintenance, single-deck or multi-layer vibrating screen, parts contacting with material made of stainless steel.

Contact us for more information on how this rotary vibrating screen can help you with your unique requirements.

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