Trommel Screen

Model: GTS1848
Screening area: Φ1800*4800
Frequency: 25rpm
Capacity: 95~290m³/h
Power: 15kw


downloadFeatured industries served by the PK trommel screen: Chemical,Mineral,Mining,Recycling,Cement

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Trommel screen is one of the general types of sifting machinery, mainly applied for the separation of finished products and the returns, it  can achieve the classification of the former as well making it evenly classified. By adopting combined screen, the trommel sieve is simple structure, easy operation, obtain different size of materials within certain limits.


After materials entering into the drum device which is in the state of incline and rotation, materials on the surface of the screen was urged to flip and roll. In that case, the qualified materials will come out from discharging outlet of roller’s back-end, while the unqualified ones can out from another outlet. Thanks to the rolling materials inside the drum, the materials stuck in the mesh can be pop up preventing the mesh blockage.



1.High screening efficiency. Because the screening equipment has plate sieve-clearing unit, no matter how sticky, wet or complicate the material is, the screen mesh will never be blocked.
2.Better work environment. The whole screening mechanism is put inside a sealed dust cover, eliminate the dust floating.
3.Low noise. Due to isolating of sealed dust cover, the noise cannot be passed to the external.
4.Long service life. The screen composed of a number of circular ring flat steel, with cross-sectional area is greater than other separation equipment and that can improve its service life.
5.Convenient maintenance. Workers can check the equipment running status from observation window. With repair quick door-open, maintenance will be convenient and do not affect the normal operation.

Contact us for more information on how this trommel screen can help you with your unique requirements.

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