linear vibrating screen

Ways to Install Screen Mesh of Linear Vibrating Screen

The installation of vibrating screen mesh on a linear vibrating screen requires skills and specifications to rightly fit the screen mesh on vibrating screen. Check this out!

  1. When cutting the screen mesh, make sure the screen and rack width are the same. The length must be around 50 to 70mm longer than the net rack.
  2. When installing the screen mesh, please ensure the mesh is tightly attached as the screen mesh tightness is one of the most important factors that affect screening efficiency of vibrating machine.
  3. When adding the bouncing balls under screen mesh, it is important to check the screening efficiency of materials. Do not add bouncing balls without consideration.
  4. If the material density or mesh size is super fine, install an extra suitable-size screen mesh under the piece of screen mesh. Its function is to support the upper screen mesh and reduce the pressure of material on screen mesh, which helps prolong the service life.
  5. When the installation is completed, test run the vibrating screener with a few materials to check the material distribution and screening efficiency. If material mixing situation happens, check whether the sealing of screen mesh is tight or not.

linear vibrating screen

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