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What Actually is the Screen Mesh Size When Purchasing a Rotary Vibrating Screen?

A mesh refers to the number of inches of screen holes per square. 50 holes per square inch refers to 50 mesh. The bigger the number of mesh means that there are more holes per square inch. In other words, it is also used to express the screen mesh particle size. The bigger the number of mesh, the smaller the particle size. Particle size can also be called powder particle size.

On the other hand, granularity refers to that particles can pass through screen mesh size of 1 inch (25.4mm). Mesh is often used in determining the particle size distribution of a granular material. There is no standardized size of powder technology in the market, hence each enterprise has its own granularity index definition.

Small size vibrating screen usually refers to a rotary vibrating screen. Small size vibrating screen is designed for uniform discharge and anti-clogging of the materials on screen mesh. It is best to choose a screen mesh that is not too small as material will stuck in the mesh when penetration rate is low.

Furthermore, the eccentric and motor angle of the rotary vibrating screener needs to be adjusted properly, otherwise it will tend to accumulate materials. When the angle between the eccentric and motor is too small, materials will spread outward in a faster speed on the screen mesh surface. However, when the angle is too big, the materials will spread slower. Usually, high efficiency sieving is achieved at an angle of 45 ͦ. Though so, user can adjust the screen mesh angle up to 100 ͦ depending on the needs of the material.

rotary vibrating screen

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