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What are the main factors influencing the screening process of vibrating screen?

linear-vibrating-screenThe technical and economic indicators of screening process are screening efficiency and productivity.The former as quality index,the latter as a quantitative index.There is a certain relationship between them and with many other factors,these factors determined the screening result.

The main factors influencing the screening process of vibrating screen have three types:
1.The physical properties of the screening material.
Including the granularity of the material,humidity,silt content and the shape of the particles,etc.
2.The influence of vibrating screen surface properties and structure parameters.
2.1 Vibrating screen is make the particles and the vibrating screen surface for vertical movement,so it’s high screening efficiency and large production capacity.
2.2 For a certain material,vibrating screen productivity and screening efficiency determine the vibrating screen mesh size.
3.The influence of production condition
When the vibrating screen load is bigger, the screening efficiency is low.

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