What are the motion characteristics and advanced nature of gyratory screen?

gyratory-screenThe motion characteristics of gyratory screen:

The gyratory screen make a horizontal rotary motion of the screening machine.

The advanced nature of gyratory screen
1.There is no vertical vibration,gyratory screen mesh long operating life(6-12 months);
2.Each layer of gyratory screen mesh,there are both have screen cleaning device.Gyratory screen is not blocking,prolongs the operation period.In the working status gyratory screen continuous to clean the gyratory screen;
3.Due to adopting the principle of plane rotary,obviously improved the distribution of the material to improve the effective utilization rate of  gyratory screen surface,eventually improve screening efficiency and reduce the powder content in the finished product material;
4.Fully enclosed structure no dust pollution,improve working conditions for the operator.

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