What are the performance advantages of dewatering screen?

Dewatering-screen1.Dewatering screen vibration motor is easy to change,the base rubber spring for shock absorption to make the small amplitudes and slow vibrations,which can be dewater clean.
2.Can be customized according to the production and water content,side panel of the dewatering screen have reinforcing plate,on the bottom equipped with support and have the horizontal stripe,discharging mouth with triangular steel support and the plate thickness.
3.Vibration motor fixed using high strength bolts,on the bottom have the rubber spring,the quality of the spring will affect the service life of the vibration motor.High density of the dewatering screen plate fixation,because of the dewatering screen plate have reinforcing steel bar.
4.After the welder welding will be strict inspection can’t appear welding hole,on the bottom with u-steel support.
5.Dewatering screen mesh can according to the necessary to adjust,equipment noise is small and dewatering effect is good.

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