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What are the technical requirements of trommel screen in coal slurry industry?


The technical requirements of trommel screen in coal slurry industry:
1.Design should comply with the relevant standards;simple structure,easy to install,easy to maintenance;the whole machine with high reliability,maintenance free,suitable for long period operation.
2.Standard reducer,high efficiency,low noise type;motor and reducer to have solid protective cover.
3.Trommel screen mesh with strip-shaped holes.
4.Housing is made of 1.5 mm,funnel using 3mm steel plate production.In addition to frame needs steel angle,channel steel, central axis adopt carbon steel,other parts using 304 stainless steel.Trommel screen with SKF bearing type,bearing should be sealed.
5.Trommel screen size,speed,screen mesh specifications must ensure that the maximum load discharge coal slurry particle size requirements,if appeared unable to filter large particle or particle retention time is too long,coal slurry overflow,ect.This shows that trommel screen is unqualified.
6.Trommel screen for coal slurry should be designed to facilitate cleaning,maintenance,and should be considered the necessary rain prevention measures to prevent the rain reduce the concentration of the coal slurry.

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