circular vibrating screen,Woven-screen-mesh

What Causes Vibrating Screen Mesh Damage?

With the increasing popularity of vibrating screen, it is common that the industrial market will be over flooded with all kinds of vibrating screen mesh size. While most of them are light and durable, it is safe to say that in reality it is susceptible to damages too.  Here in PK, we would like to share on what causes vibrating screen mesh damage.

  1. Insufficient tension strength of the screen cloth

Insufficient tension strength of the screen cloth in a vibrating screener will cause chattering of the screen, possible damage or breakage in serging layering point and screen edge.

Solution:  Always check the tension strength of the screen cloth.

      2. Upper screening layer and the lower stress layer are not fitted closely

When the two layers are not fitted closely, then the contact segment between the screen cloth and the frame cannot be tightened efficiently. This will cause the screen cloth to be damaged easily.

Solution: Inspect the compaction of the screen cloth. Choose screen cloth with reliable quality.

      3. Overloading of materials into screen mesh

Overloading of the materials into screen mesh of the vibrating screen machine will cause the screen cloth to be loosen and decrease the capacity of the vibrating machine.

Solution: Avoid overloading of materials. If the material is of liquid, it is recommended to install a bucket or buffer.

circular vibrating screen,Woven-screen-mesh

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