What factors will affect the performance of the linear vibrating screen?

1.Degree of dry and wet material usually will directly affect the screening effect of vibrating screen.
Dry material easy to screen,but for the high moisture materials,because of the moisture lead to material between particles have the cohesion and adsorption,it will produce screen blocking phenomenon,cause the loss of linear vibrating screen production capacity.

2.Material of the particle shape will affect the performance of linear vibrating screen,the main is a decline in the capacity.
Granular or powder material of the circle,globular shape,but some types of materials is flake or irregular shape and the cylinder etc.,due to the irregular materials in the screening process is easy to have a screen blocking phenomenon,therefore affect the equipment performance.

3.At some level feeding material amount also influence the full play of the equipment performance.
If the discharging material amount is too small,it’s easy to cause the feeding material amount  is smaller in the process of the vibrating screen,linear vibrating screen can’t operate at full capacity and affects the capacity of the vibrating screen.

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