What is the advantage of PXZS type gyratory screen?

Gyratory-screenPXZS type gyratory screen is introduce the foreign advanced technology and develop the new urea screening equipment.

The advantage of PXZS type gyratory screen:

Gyratory screen with reasonable design,simple structure,smooth operation,fully closed structure,dust-free dye,prevent hole,anti-sticking net,etc.Especially for the hygroscopicity strong,big viscosity.Easy blocking and easy sticking net urea is more apparent.Due to adoption the principle of plane rotary motion,which can effectively reduce the equipment motion-stand ratio and based on dynamic load.The gyratory screen is using plane rotary vibrating screen up and down vibration,under the gyratory screen mesh have the automatic cleaning equipment,which compared with the traditional linear vibrating screen to improve the working life of the screen mesh,the noise is small,the screening area is large and the efficiency is improved from 93~95 to 98.5,which is have a good promotion prospects.

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