What is The Reason Lead to Trommel Screen Drum Brake Failure?


PK Machinery produce for material separation of vibrating screen. Trommel screen also known as drum screening machine,which can be widely used in screening the various types of materials.Whether the inferior coal, coal slime or bituminous coal,soil,powder,gravel,etc.The reason of drum brake failure mainly includes:
1. Whether there are abnormal air pressure value,such as air pump is good or bad,whether the tracheal air leakage or obstruction;
2. If there is any damage associated with brake pads;
3. Whether at both sides of the trommel screener drum brake disc defect;
4. If there are related to the brake switch operating system failure;
5.Whether can cut off the power by the power transmission system;
6. As for the belt type friction braking,adjustment and replacement should be checked,if there’s any loose for friction tape or falling trend coefficient of friction.
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