Vibrating screen

What Safety Knowledge We Should Know In The Operation of Vibrating Screen?

1.Vibrating screen warning signsVibrating screen

2.Equipment safety

2.1Don’t change, damage, or move the warning or tag.
2.2Don’t allow anyone to climb up the equipment or standing on the equipment directly in the process of transporting and lifting the vibrating sieve.
2.3Should check all the vibrating sifter spare parts before Succession, in order to make sure that no parts are damaged or suspected damaged, before starting or running equipment, should repair or replace the damaged parts and please use the original factory accessories.
2.4Before starting or running equipment should patrol around the workplace and equipment, to check around the vibration screen inside and outside have or not people, animals, tools, parts and foreign body. Make sure all the protection and safety devices have been properly installed and in good condition

3.Personal Safety
Must wear personal protective vibrating screen equipment, such as overalls or visible jacket, fasten the boots and gloves. Dry work environment, wear cotton uniform; damp working environment, wear PVC uniform. If necessary you can also add goggles, masks, mouth-muffle and earmuffs.

4.Electric safety
4.1Allow only trained and qualified personnel of the electric devices using plant or equipment.
4.2Has not been tested before application prove that, I always assume that the circuit electrically charged.
4.3Any inspection and maintenance activities shall be cut off the power before and warning.
4.4Failure damage of wire and cable components should be timely repair or replacement.

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