What Should Be Noticed During The Installation Of Vibrating Screen Mesh?

Screen mesh is one of the most important spare part for vibrating screen equipment. Whether install it right or not is related to production efficiency and service life of the vibrating sifter, so we should pay more attention to it. What should be noticed during the installation of vibrating sieve? PK machinery will introduce it for you below.

The installation of massive screen mesh:
1.After installation, the screen mesh surface should be smooth and without uneven and deflection phenomenon. Adopt bolt or T type anti-rotating block structure to compress the screen mesh. Adopt nylon nuts or high strength bolt to connect the connection parts;
2.All the bolt which fixed the screen mesh should be tighten up, without looseness or nut slope phenomenon;
3.After installation, the screen mesh surface should be smooth and there is no gap bigger than the aperture size;
4.The installation of hook type screen mesh screen mesh surface must be tensioned symmetrically and uniformly, the connection between the screen mesh must be tightly to prevent the leakage of material;
5.Check the mesh screen tension level timely, should not appear screen surface relaxation phenomenon;

In the case of screen mesh surface bearing steel serious wear, it should be repaired or replaced immediately, to avoid the bearing steel cause unnecessary damage to the screen mesh surface.
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