What Should be Noticed During Vibrating Screen Commissioning?

(1) Before vibrating screen commissioning must check the vibrating screen parts is correct installed or not, all the fastening bolt is tightened;

(2) Ensure the lubrication part with good lubricating grease;

(3) Operated by hand plate vibrator. When the plate moving, the main shaft can be flexible rotation, without friction and stuck phenomenon(special reminder: within a vibrator inside and outside cover can’t have impurities);

(4)Check the vibrating screen movement part fixed facilities around, such as filling, discharging chute, funnel under the vibrating screen and  stacking material under the vibrating screen and vibrating screen whether or not have acollision, the distance shouldn’t be less than 80mm;

(5) Check whether the electric wiring is correct, steering is correct;

(6) When the vibrating screen commissioning, if appeared abnormal sound or spring had abnormal beating, make the vibrating screen won’t function properly,at this time should immediately stop it, find out the reasons, after troubleshooting and then start the vibrating screen commissioning.

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