What Should We Consider if Purchasing Vibrating Screen

Please consider the following factors when purchasing a superior vibrating screen:

1.Physical properties of the material being screened

It includes material size, shape, water content, bulk density, material properties. When the particle size is very fine, the sieve size is small, usually the screening rate is very low, so if screening the same capacity needs to use larger models. When the material is corrosive, usually the parts which contact with the material needs stainless steel.

2.Nature and structure of screen surface

If the material does vertical movement on the screen surface, such as linear vibrating sieve, usually the screening efficiency and production capacity are higher. If the material does relative motion on the screen surface, such as gyratory screen, the screening efficiency and production capacity are low. For certain materials, the screening machine’s productivity and screening efficiency are determined by the sieve size. The productivity depends on the width of the sieve surface, wider sieve surface has a high productivity. Screening efficiency depends on the length of the screen surface, longer screen surface has higher screening efficiency.

3.Production conditions

When the load of screening machine is large, the screening efficiency is low. Feeding uniformity has great significance for the screening process, so as far as possible to achieve uniform feeding.

In this case, only by considering the above important factors, we can buy the most economical vibrating screen to meet our production efficiency. More information, please click here: www.pkvibratingscreen.com



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