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What You Need to Know About Cleaning Stainless Steel Vibrating Screen

The most common used vibrating screen material is the stainless steel vibrating screen. Thus, its quality matters. To ensure the highest quality, durable, efficient and reliable vibrating screen is needed. Though so, the cleaning of a stainless steel vibrating screen is equally important for good performance of the vibrating screen. Here’s some tips!

The stainless steel vibration screen will become matt when used for a long period of time.  During the screening of materials, when materials come in contact with the vibrating screen, chemical reactions occur in which there would be passivation film on the surface of it. The layer would slowly buildup when oxidation takes place. In other words, oxidation will happen, which will lead to corrosion.

Therefore, the stainless steel surface needs regular cleaning, especially in a corrosive environment. This is vital to maintain the service life of the vibrating screener. When cleaning, be careful not to scratch the surface. Avoid using bleach, abrasive liquid, and steel wool to clean the stainless steel vibrating screen. The screen surface should be cleaned with water after scrubbing the surface.

vibrating screen

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