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What’s the influencing factors of sand and gravel equipment vibrating screen work?

circular-vibrating-screenPractice show that the circular vibrating screen material particle size less than 3/4 of the mesh vibrating screen size the particles easily through the mesh vibrating screen,known as easy to sieve grain.Is the particles greater than the mesh vibrating screen 3/4,because of through the mesh vibrating screen difficult,known as difficult to sieve grain.Material particle size for the mesh vibrating screen size 1-1.5 times that of particles known as resistance grain.Which can increase the auxiliary screening method,using auxiliary screen mesh size larger,discharge products too coarse level above vibrating screen in advance,and then fine sieve contains a lot of fine materials.

Material granule maximum allowable size of material particles and the mesh size is not clear defined,cement vibrating screen is generally thought that the biggest particles should not be greater than 2.5-4 times of mesh vibrating screen size.Material contained within the surface of the water in a certain degree increasing,the sticky flow swiftly also increases,the surface of the material moisture can make fine grained bond together with each other and to stop up the mesh vibrating screen on the larger particles.These reasons make the screening process is more difficult,screening efficiency will be greatly reduced.

If the material contains cluster easily sticky substances (such as clay, etc.),even during water little,which will stick together and make fine mud mixed with oversize product,will quickly plug mesh vibrating screen. At this time should consider washing in advance.If material particle shape is round,through the square hole and circular hole more easily.Electromagnetic vibrating screen broken product is mostly polygon,through the square hole and the circular hole than through slotted easily,strip, plate,sheet material is difficult to through the square hole and the circular hole,but through the  rectangular hole easily.

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