circular vibrating screen

Why screen frame and tubular beam of vibrating screen will be fracture?

According to the principle of fracture mechanics, the vibrating screen frame top shaking bending fatigue and easy to fracture.If there is a vibrating screen frame fracture may be sieve plate thin, the best way to solve this problem is more appropriate sides or near to the vibrator side panel of the local increase of plate to enhance the whole vibrating screen body rigidity, it’s not easy to tremble and fracture vibrating screen frame. In addition there are likely to be the overall structure is not reasonable.

For tubular beam the fracture generally has the following several ways:
1.The most common reason is tubular beam the wall is too thin, the solution is to tubular beam the change for the same type of thick wall tube or the model tubular beam the oneness, but unfavorable also use is too big, too thick tubular beam.
2.There must be have vertical and horizontal layering on the connection place of each dewatering, sculping screen mesh, it’s to prevent water from mesh crack down and causing the scour tubular beam to be fracture.
3.Vibrating sifter is wide, the tubular beam will be easier fracture, according to the on-site experience and referring to the manufacturing technology of Germany, when the vibrating screen width more than 3m,there had better use dual channel, the vibrating screen has three sides, it can effectively avoid break tubular beam.
4.If the fracture of tubular beam is not serious and is not affect production, in this time we can repair welding the tubular beam for in order to continue to use, when repair welding, the welding seam to along the longitudinal, absolutely not allowed to have transverse weld, otherwise, the tubular beam will be easier from the horizontal seam fracture.

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circular vibrating screen

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