Gyratory vibrating screen

Why the vibrating screen extension discharge material is slowly?

vibrating-screenThe vibrating screen extension discharge material is slowly or don’t discharge material is one of the biggest problems of the broad masses of users,actually this question is the most common is also the best solve a problem,because of all this with vibration source of vibrating screen extension–vibrating motor make a difference.

Vibrating motor is made up by two eccentric block,when two eccentric block at work,it’s rotor is not in equilibrium.Rotor equilibrium amount within the allowable values when the motor running is normal,when the equilibrium amount beyond range,it will cause vibration,the greater of the equilibrium amount and the greater of the vibration.

So know it working principle,it is easy to solve the problem of discharge material is slowly,that’s adjust two eccentric block.
1.Change the angle between two eccentric block.
2.Increase the weight of the two eccentric block.

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